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Hello friends, If you follow me on my on social media you will see that lately I started to go back and explore works from the past and doing some exploration in color. Most of my work in the last few years has been black and white photos with a few exceptions, but lately I've been feeling really good.

Foggy Morning, part of the "The Inspiring Beauty" portfolio.

Foggy Morning, part of the "The Inspiring Beauty" portfolio.


I've been working on myself, enjoying my life and I guess this change in me is showing in my photography work. You could say that my B&W work is very emotional and I believe you could say the same with my color work, I think the energy and the vibe is different and I find interesting to connect with my work in different ways.

Empire of Beauty, part of "Urban" portfolio.

Empire of Beauty, part of "Urban" portfolio.


I've also been doing some color printing, a part of photography that I love doing. I enjoy feeling the paper in my hands, the weight, how the image interacts with different kinds of papers. I'm so exited about all this printing that I'm gonna leave you here with a few photos from my last printing sessions.

This is one is one of my favorites from New York City. Printed on Canson Platine, this is a luster paper that I love to use for B&W and Color Photography.

This one was on Central Park a year later, It's amazing the different red hues you can see on this print, I also angle it a little bit so you can see the texture and the beautiful reflection you get the Canson Platine papers. 

Also I would like to add that now the print store is up again and now we are accepting Apple Pay as a payment method ( I love Apple Pay, to me is a very cool and convenient way to pay). This is it for now my friends, I just wanted to to a quick update about what's going on in my life and how my work keeps evolving with me. 

Love and peace!


Houston Center for Photography - 35th Annual Juried Membership Exhibition

Hello today I'm proud to announce that my work was selected for the Houston Center for Photography 35th Annual Juried Membership Exhibition.

The work selected is part of my portfolio Glimpses of Stillness, a series of panoramic images that I've working on since last year.

The exhibition will take place on July 14 and I would love that you will join us to share my victory!!! :) I'm really proud about this print, It was printed by me in 15" x 45" format. Here I leave you with the image selected and the information about the show.

On view: July 14 - August 27, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, July 14 5:30pm-8pm
Juror Remarks begin at 6pm
Artists' Talks: Saturday, July 15, 11am


Hello, it's been a while since the last time I wrote something here. I've been full of work and other responsabilities.

Today I write this short post to let you know that I was shortlisted for the USA LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2016, with one of my favorite "Tree Portraits" from the body of work Komorebi. The image is called "Thank you / Perseverance" and it holds a very special place in my heart because I took it on my birthday in 2015. A magical fogy morning that I will never forget.



My first show in Houston in association with John Bernhard and Serrano Gallery started this March 11 and will continue to be on display until April 09, if you are in town please don't hesitate to visit Serrano Gallery or contact me for a private tour of the show.